Our Equipment

What makes our equipment different from any competitor?

Since we are a new company, all our major pieces of equipment are brand new and redesigned by our leadership group to meet the challenges of today’s longer laterals. All of our Cement Pumps, Batch Mixers and Bulk Trailers meet or exceed the new Tier 4 EPA emission standards.

Our Cement Pumps

Redundancy and capacity is the name of the game in WTC’s new cement pumps. Powered by dual Caterpillar C15 engines rated at 540 HP, we are prepared to go any distance. Equipped with two 4.5″ Jason high-pressure pumps, rated with a maximum pressure of 11,200 psi, we are able to pump up to 10 bpm. Our 6-bbl. mixing tub and our 20-bbl. averaging tank combined with our density control system and densometers on the recirculating loop and downhole side produces a more consistent slurry throughout your job. These pumps will not fall short of meeting your needs!

Bulk Plant

Our new 47,000 cubic foot bulk plant will ensure that our blend of cement and additives is exactly what you ordered. The plant has been designed with efficiency in mind to get products blended accurately, and loaded quickly, and on their way to your location.

Batch Mixer and Bulk Transport Trailers

Our Batch Mixer and Bulk Transport Trailers are the latest models available and have also been modified to our specifications aimed at increasing efficiency while loading and on their way to your location. Our Batch Mixer is equipped with micro-motion densometer to ensure an accurate fluid density on every batch.


Quality Assurance is a priority at WTC. Our lab sports the latest in testing equipment to guarantee that our product blends are accurate and withstand your testing requirements with documentation available at each step of the way.

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